the future of network marketing in India

Network marketing is the future of business in the 21st century. In all good terms, it rightly has evolved over time. Beginning as a part-time job, direct selling has now a proper path in career building opportunities. In a spam of the last five years, it has emerged as a viable source of income and growth in business marketing. Network marketing growth in India has drastically spiked in recent times.

While MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) has gained popularity in the United States and other western & European countries, it is yet to establish an identity among the Indians. Here in India people are still pretty negative regarding this idea of marketing. The aura is still hitting rock bottom in its maximum terms. Listing out the major reasons here, one is the perception people have created regarding network marketing in india.

What is Network Marketing?

MLM is a type of method which is used by enterprises to sell their products. It is usually preferred over any business because the enterprises or businesses sell their products directly to the consumers and there is no mediator. This becomes possible through creating effective relationships and selling directly. The core belief on which network marketing runs is that the people here believe in passing the profit directly to the customers.

The work here is done as the distributors develop their own organizations further these organizations work by either selling their product directly to the customers or recruiting people under them forming relations and creating a network or chain.

A Negative Aura

Every single person living in India comes with a stack-packed list of stereotypes about anything and everything that comes under divergent from the basic. Especially when it comes to deciding a definite career. Evolving into a digital nation, we are yet to liberate the idea of taking risks when it comes to running or involving into businesses. Network marketing or direct selling is seen as a salesman job. Where a person has to go door to door and sell stuff. This is the common perception around it. This is not entirely true.

The industry offers a chance to outgrow of your comfort zone and dream big. Despite of people earning millions, this is still frowned upon. The second here comes with the population being too self-conscious. The market here requires people to do direct selling as well as create a network under them and multiply as well as expand. This requires constant support and motivation from the entire team. The arguments commence from stage fright to procrastination. No failure or success will ever be in your life dictionary if procrastination persists. The industry has so much to offer and the growth rate of each individual has widened the scope to make a better future.

What is network marketing growth in India?

Whether a notion is true to its facts or not, stereotypes here are hard to point a finger at. Despite all the pessimistic vibes it lets out, MLM is here to stay. Asia is the hub of marketing. We all somehow purchase any item or follow any belief mostly based on recommendations. A friend recommended some TV show, a good restaurant, any particular gadget etc. It all bottles down to recommendations from a trusted source. That’s influencer marketing for you. Relying on a dependent source and experimenting with your facts.  The core is here how you ask; the argument is plain-“A Wider market with ample network opportunities”

How is Network Marketing a Future?

Whilst any business is purely a profit-based in all sense, MLM here differs. As already mentioned above, the distributors believe in passing the profit to the customers, also while building a network they recruit people with dreams and aspirations to achieve. Working under the head, the principle motive aims to the growth of everyone connected with them. There is no sole profit here. A leader will work with you alongside. Somewhere in between selfish motive and making dreams come true, lies the hub of MLM.

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